Modern Day Handkerchiefs

The reasons to carry a handkerchief are virtually endless. From wiping your sweat on a hot summer day, to simply  wiping off your pocket knife after use. From using it to pick up a hot pot from the stove when you cant find your oven mitt. Even to using it as a water filter in a emergency. Or using it to cover a wound, or as a tourniquet. The uses are truly endless. Most people now a days use them to accessorize their EDC (Every Day Carry)gear. Got kids? then you know the value of always carrying something to wipe faces. Clean your cellphone screen, camera lens so you can take those nice pics for IG. Can't have a dirty camera lens when you are making those Tik-Tok videos right.

The simple fact that you can easily toss them in the washer and reuse them vs tossing away money on wipes is a benefit in itself. The best thing about them is you can literally put them everywhere. Keep some in your car, desk at work, night stand, back pocket, purse, backpack. Unlike single use wipes that go into the trash and then to a landfill. You can easily rotate them in and out as you use and just wash them with the laundry. I could keep going, but If you've read this far I think you understand why you always carry a handkerchief.... or a few.